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Best 15 Ghost Pictures: Final Installment

Posted by Adam Heskett on October 31, 2011 at 9:55 PM

The Tulip Staircase

Taken in 1966 at Queen’s House section of the National MaritimeMuseum in England, Rev. Ralph Hardy caught the eerie apparition of someoneclimbing the 400 year old Tulip Staircase. The Queen’s House section has beenknown to be haunted with such phenomena as phantom footsteps, slamming doors,free floating ghosts mopping up blood at the bottom of the staircase, a choral chantingof children , and tourists being pinched by unseen fingers.

Haunted Railroad Crossing

This railroad crossing can be found south of San Antonio,Texas. Legend has it that a tragic accident occurred when a train killedseveral school aged children. Now these children haunt the track pushingstalled vehicles off the track. This particular photo was taken by Andy andDebi Chesney who believe this is a photo of a little girl with her teddy bear.

Newbury Church Ghost

In North Yorkshire, England, this creepy photo of the altarat Newbury Church was taken by Reverend K.F. Lord in 1963. The specter appearedduring the developing phase and photographic specialists are unable todetermine the cause of the being in the picture. Based on the proportions ofthe altar, this ghost would’ve stood nearly 9 feet tall. The photo is deemedcontroversial in some circles as it is too crisp and clear.


Denise Russell's Grandmother

At first glance, this seems like a pretty basic photo of the94 year old grandmother of Denise Russell with a man walking past behind her.But it’s the story that sells this. This photo was taken back in August of 1997shortly before she passed away. The picture had been lost until the family dugit up in 2000 and they immediately noticed the man standing behind Denise’sgrandmother and thought they had seen him before. Quick comparison to olderphotos revealed that the man standing behind her was of her late-husband whopassed away in 1984. You may now start to shiver.

Manila Ghost

Taken in 2000, this digital photo of two friends in Manila,Thailand is up for debate. There is a possibility that the spirit holding on toone of the girls’ arms was added by photo software after the picture was taken.However, if we trust the owners of the photo (a lot of this is based on trustand faith in the absence of fact one way or another), it is truly one of themost convincing pictures of a ghost ever.


Hertfordshire Boy

In 2008, Neil Sandbach was taking scenic shots of a farm inHertfordshire, England to research the location for a couple who planned ongetting married there.  Upon examinationof his photos later, Neil uncovered this spirit poking around a corner. To addto the mythos of the picture, Neil asked the bride, groom and the staff if they’dever experienced anything paranormal. Some claimed that they had seen theapparition of a young boy all dressed in white.

Fleet Air Arm Station Helicopter Ghost

In 1987, Mrs. Sayer had been visiting the Fleet Air ArmStation in Yelverton, Somerset, England when she decided it would be fun totake a picture of her sitting in a retired helicopter.  When the picture was developed, an apparitioncan be seen through the window beside her. I’d wager the possibility of a reflection of some kind but it is still a pretty cool picture.


The Godfather Pizza Ghost

Godfather Pizza of Ogden, Utah has been known to be hauntedby ghosts and poltergeist activity, such as an unplugged jukebox playing byitself, boxes of florescent bulbs flying and smashing on the floor and thefloor bulging as much as 10 inches before leveling off. This photo was snappedin 2000 by the Utah Paranormal Research and Exploration (UPER) during one oftheir investigations. The apparition, according to the investigation, appearedto the naked eye for a few seconds before this picture was taken.






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